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Fit For Life Group Training

Build a stronger you. Train with others looking for accountibility, motivation and commrodery. Our group sessions gives you all the benefits of traditional 1 on 1 personal fitness training at a fraction of the cost. Our semi-private sessions are an option for those who need a customized training program.

​​​​​​​Our Fit For Life Program encourages individuals of all fitness levels to make the commitment to health and wellness long term and work with coaches and community who support that goal. 

 Zenith is where I train to get in peak conditioning for my upcoming fights.

Justin won his UFC Heavyweight fight at Glasgow, July 16, 2017. 

Justin Willis, MMA Fighter

Sports Performance

Looking to get an edge on the competition?  At Zenith Strength and Performance, our coaches are dedicated to providing superior coaching for athletes to improve speed, power, quickness, strength and conditioning.

It starts with a movement and performance assessment so we can and individualize and tailor the program to the athlete.  Using our proven system, our goal is to create an athlete who is stronger, faster, better conditioned, more resilient and less likely to get injured.  We have worked with athletes ranging from pro MMA fighters to high school athletes, playing tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

Social Fitness Network

​​​​​​​Get the best of the best from a variety of local clubs for one low rate. Not only that, sign up to join the next 6 Week Challenge and take part of incredible body transformations with other members in your community.

There is nothing like getting the best value, variety and ample support all for one low price. Learn More >>​​​​​​​

 If you want to get in shape, Zenith is the place to go! Shyam and the team know how to help you get in shape and keep you motivated. Great workouts, great trainers, and great music to get you pumped up. I highly recommend Zenith to one and all!

Alex Lipka - Zenith Member

28 Day Challenge

To join our 28 Day challenge:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You are coachable and open to instructions.
  • You are willing to do an interview (All Applicants must be met in person    before they're considered). 
  • You have a great attitude and you are a positive person.
  • You are looking for improvement with your health. (No previous experience needed).
  • You can commit to the full program.

 Last Summer, I was 190 pounds, 51 years old, and I was old…..having pain in my shoulders and elbows, and my right hip was cooped up. I went to a chiropractor and masseur but nothing worked.  Then I came to Zenith:  after my sessions and personal training ….. I am 34 pounds lighter, I feel like I am 20 years old, I can run, I can dance, I can sing, I can jump, …I can do anything I want anytime. …I am never going to be old again. If you join, get a personal trainer and work at your own pace. - Cindy,  Zenith Member

 I’ve had prostate cancer, hip replacement, and back problems. That has taken a toll on me.”  At 85 years old, why does he push himself so hard? “I come here and invest in the wellness program, which gives me energy and strength to do the things I love to do.” - John  (85 Years old), Zenith Member